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Promotion Motorsport was the factory Subaru racing team in Spain, for whom also organized the Subaru Impreza Cup rally for four years, and currently has become the factory BMW España Team. Precisely, it was the Japanese brand with whom Promotion Motorsport kept on its involving in motorsport, besides achieving resounding success. In 2015, Promotion Motorsport developed an outstanding four-wheeled Subaru WRX STI for touring car racing.

The WRX STI, after many months of restless work at the workshop and on track, rapidly showed its competitiveness and brought more success home for Promotion Motorsport. After making a first outing in the 2015 Campeonato RACE de Turismos, partnership with well-established racing driver José Manuel De los Milagros proved to be a successful partnership scoring wins both overall and in class. Finally, De los Milagros secured the overall title in 2019 at the wheel of the Promotion Motorsport-run Subaru with six wins to his name, despite battling against GT cars.

It was the first achievement of a long, strong alliance. During the 2021 Copa Cooper season, De los Milagros – who teamed up with Smörg and Sergio Paulet throughout the season– took the title by achieving five wins out of nine races and always setting the benchmark in the series.

True to its tradition of continue growing, Promotion Motorsport took responsibility for the new racing team of the BMW Group España at the end of 2021: BMW España Motorsport. During the winter, in preparation for the 2022 campaign, Promotion Motorsport entered the GT Winter Series and BMW M2 CS Racing Winter Series Cup. Taking the first steps with the BMW M2 CS Racing, Promotion Motorsport claimed the Vice-Championship both in overall and BMW M2 CS Racing Winter Series Cup classifications.

It proved to be a perfect dress rehearsal for the real goal of Promotion Motorsport, which was the crown in the Spanish Endurance Championship. With De los Milagros and Nerea Martí driving the same BMW M2 CS Racing, both drivers brought the title home after a season-long battle against the ultra-fast TCR cars. At the end, BMW and Promotion Motorsport claimed the title both in Clase 1 and D1 and similarly De los Milagros and Martí emerged as Champion and Vice-Champion respectively. BMW España Motorsport scored seven wins during the 2022 season, which showed how Daniel González’s team and the BMW España team were the dominant force in the Iberian Peninsula. With a second BMW M2 CS Racing car also entered by Promotion Motorsport, Smörg and Francisco Javier Macías also were crowned Champions in the D3 class thanks to five triumphs and other five podium results. A great milestone to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BMW M.

Promotion Motorsport will continue competing at the highest racing level in 2023.


Our latest news and bulletins

3.6.2019 – José Manuel De los Milagros has had an unbeatable return to the RACE Touring Car Championship with the Subaru WRX STI of Promotion Motorsport.

After the driver from Madrid and his team missed the third round of the event, on Saturday, we had an absolute impact on division 2 to a nutrient competition composed of no fewer than three vehicles in the specifications TCR.

In the qualifying, De los Milagros set Pole Position with fantastic time of 1:42:367. His closest rival set more than seven tenths of a distance away. José Manuel kept the first position when the traffic lights turned off untill crossing the checkered flag with something more than two seconds of gap. The advantage over Iván Hernández and Juan Francisco Gastañaga. In the second race had a similar script with De los Milagros from the pole position, although Subaru driver had to control the skills of Gastañaga with his CUPRA TCR in the last two laps. All in all, De los Milagros grabed a new crown.

“Very happy! I am very happy for these two new victories in the RACE Touring Car Championship. They have been very worked and I want to start by thanking the fantastic job that team has done. Our Subaru WRX STI has run like clockwork. It has been a reward of the work we are been doing, “commented De los Milagros. The driver described the first race: “It was hard because it was very hot and we had to save the the tires. The second one has been even tighter and it has been decided almost by the photo of the arrival as in cycling by less than tenth, but we have taken home twenty points. We stand just one point away from Francisco Comendador in the general classification. So we face the last tests of the year with full guarantees of fighting for the title.”

José Manuel De los Milagros was the main character this Saturday in the second round of the RACE Touring Car Championship at the wheel of the Subaru WRX STI of Promotion Motorsport. The Madrid driver has been intractable with the Subaru and has not given any option to his rivals in any of the races presenting his candidacy for the title at the end of the season.

Sport Union Gongar/Promotion Motorsport (Co-ordSport’s Spanish Dealer), of Madrid, announce; Our team had a very successful weekend of racing, as our Subaru Impreza STi was in pole position, then we won the first race by 0.6 seconds and the second race by 0.8 seconds.

Even though the car was racing against a category above us, it still won. In the first race the car set the fastest lap and in the second race it also set the fastest lap.

In the official trainings, De los Milagros already gave the first warning to his opponents to get a superb record of 1: 42.833 that was going to allow him to start the first race from the privileged position of the pole position in his category immediately behind the 6A cars. In the first race, as soon as the traffic lights have been turned off, De los Milagros has been the absolute leader and at the fast lap pace he has stood out in the first position to pass under the checkered flag with more than five seconds of advantage over the his most immediate rival. The second race has had a similar script and, despite starting eighth on the grid due to the investment of the results of the first, has gone back to the lead and no one has been able to follow the pace imposed by De los Milagros at the wheel of Subaru WRX STI finishing after nine laps again as the winne

“Perfect weekend! First, I want to thank all the participants of this project for their work and dedication to be able to have signed a sublime weekend. If in the first RACE event we did not have the luck of face, and despite everything we were second in one of the races, in this one in which everything went according to plan we have signed two impeccable triumphs “, explained De los Milagros. The driver of Soto del Real added that “I am very happy because we have shown our speed. In training I was able to ensure the best time in our category, and once in the lead in both races I pulled to the maximum to consolidate a difference that allowed me to manage any possible setback that could arise. Now to continue like this to confirm our options to win the championship.”

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